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    Morgan thermal ceramicsAs one of the four divisions of Morgan crucible group,Footprints all over the world40Several countries,In it25A country has a production base 。Kailong Morgan(Jingmen)Thermal ceramics co., LTD is located in jingmen, hubei Morgan thermal ceramics production enterprises,In the high temperature heat insulation fibre series product research and development and production,Use our market-leading products production technology 、Engineering application technology and thermal analysis,We will endeavour to provide customers with first-class products and services,And share the success with the customers。
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The company address:Jingmen, hubei province spring mouth way20-1Number Zip code:448000 The phone:+86 724 2309260 Fax:+86 724 2309718  HubeiICPTo prepare09000242Number Technical support:35Interconnection