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       Fujian harvest irrigation technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in agriculture、Water conservancy and landscape water saving irrigation products and the research, development and production of cucumber in irrigation system,And for agriculture、Gardens and cucumber in irrigation engineering design、Installation and guidance。
       Company main products include:Micro-irrigation systems(Drip irrigation and micro irrigation)、Sprinkler irrigation system、The filtration system、Fertilization system、Landscape irrigation systems and accessories;Products are widely used in agricultural water-saving irrigation,Gardening landscape,Municipal greening,Greenhouses and mining cooling dust, etc。 Rich experience,Make the products and services to receive many user recognition and praise。Constant innovation,High quality products and professional services,Is the development policy of our company。2016The years the company has won the certificate of science and technology enterprises in fujian province,Mechanical and electrical engineering college of fujian agriculture and forestry university awards2014Years-2016The annual excellent college students' innovative entrepreneurial practice base。Products passedISO9001And qualityISO14001Environmental management system dual certification…… [In more detail]

Micro-irrigation will directly by pressurized water and nutrients needed for crop growth、Evenly、Right amount ground near to the crop root zone irrigation methods。 Micro-irrigation including drip irrigation、Micro spray irrigation、Yongquan irrigation, etc; Mainly used in the greenhouse、Greenhouses、Groves and other irrigation areas。
Sprinkler system water from water and transport、Assigned to the field,The spray irrigation water conservancy facilities By the water project、ShuPeiShui channels or pipe and spraying machine three parts。
Mainly used in the greenhouse、Greenhouses、Groves、Farmland irrigation fields; Is the sprinkler irrigation、Drip irrigation equipment water purification system,Is the basis of its use for a long time。
Depends on the individual nutritional status of crops、The field population structure and crop types,In due course、The right amount of fertilizer; Ensure that the crops absorb nutrients needed in time,Reduce fertilizer loss。
Supplementary garden soil moisture needed for plant growth、Adjust the air temperature and humidity of the garden、 Leaching of dust to improve its growth condition and to beautify the landscape scenery。
Mainly used in the greenhouse、Greenhouses、Groves、Farmland irrigation fields: Optimizing material formula、Light weight、Flexible、Wear-resisting、Corrosion resistance、Anti-aging, Easy installation and maintenance operations,Easy to realize automation.
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